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Financial Power is a business-management software which is an integrated applications that Small, Medium, large enterprises and Internet Entrepreneurs can utilise to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities. Useful for Professionals, Enterprise, Students

The FINANCIAL POWER portal is useful for Financial Professionals, Book Keepers, Networker and Multi-Level Marketing Leader with respect to revenue generation and for consolidation of data of their clients.

The software also useful for student of business management, accounting and general subject who want to understand finance or operate in the business environment.

Financial Power manages their business data in n efficient manner for easy, fast and secure retrieval. You can login online anytime, anywhere on your PC or mobile device and operate.

  • Small Business Enterprise (Retailers, Dealers, Grocery Shops, Authorised agency, etc.)
  • Mid-Market Enterprise (Wholesalers, Super Stores, CNF agents, logistics, Automobile dealers, etc.)
  • Large Enterprise (organisation with multiple branches, manufacturing units, etc.)
  • Students (Business management, finance and accounts students for specialisation and all students for financial literacy awareness programme)
  • Ideal for Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP & Pvt. Ltd. establishments

    The FINANCIAL POWER software is a complete system which integrates multiple business processes and provide an effective communication to take informed decisions. The various functions gets automated and the user can have access to information which helps to track orders, delivery, invoice, inventory transit, cash receipts, bank transactions etc. in real time. The revenue cycle can be viewed, with respect to cash flow, debtors and creditors cycle. The system provides you the holistic view of your business.

    The centralized data also eliminates redundant data and confusions. The synchronizing and updating of data from multiple functions allows business managers to get realistic business information. This allows managers to view the macro as well as the micro scenario as per their access rights.

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