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Don't you find it troublesome and boring to sit with your Accountant for hours and hours to verify whether your reports and filings are up to the mark? We believe in the fact that security and safety remain at it's prime before considering any other factors. Not only this, as the government has issued

notification making it mandatory for the companies to record audit trails of every financial transaction is done on their accounting software. That's why we have introduced you to the latest feature of Audit Trail along with which you don't have to face the hassle of visiting your Financial Professional, Chartered Accountant and sit with them for hours and hours to prepare your Audit Trial. Now, You can send all of your Sales, Revenue, Profits, Losses and many more details to your Accountant at the comfort of your desktop. Even we hate complexities, so we won't let you go through tiring and boring pie charts and graphs and that's what we bring out for you: Finance Simplified. You can have a communication with your Accountant in case of any minute mistakes and issues in the filings, at the peace of your house. You can even give your Accountants the ability to amend the reports that you don't have to go through the trouble of it.

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