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Cardless EMI

We, at Financial Power, don't push you to get a Credit or Debit Card and on top of that a cutting edge - Credit Score, because we believe in delivering something that every individual like you can experience. You can get access to this feature as we have collaborated with the best institutions such as InstaCred and Zest to provide you with a cutting edge, user experience. That's why Financial power, brings out to you the best in class feature to pay your EMI without even your card, which isn't that great!!! That's our mission - Finance Simplified.

You can start paying through Financial Power on your EMI without even your card in just 3 Tiny Steps.

1. Sign up with Financial Power and Register yourself and discover your credit limit, which tells you the expenditure limit.

2. Upload your KYC and set up your account to start spending with our platforms and across tons of brands.

3. Visit one of our Merchant Partners and start spending the amount as per your Credit Score.

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