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Are you one of those Social Media Platforms which desires to help your audience make in-app purchases on the go while scaling up your audience? When customers are fulfilled with your brand, social media makes the process easier for them to share and suggest your brand. With Financial Power, you get the ability to manage the whole platform with the help of an integrated tool that features 15+ tools including, Payment Links, Payout Links, GST Invoices and many more things to make the lives of your users Smooth and Rapid. Social Media Commerce only goes right if you move forward in the right direction. Now, You can Focus on building your platform while we manage your Business, Finance, Accounting and Taxation. We provide you with best in class, simplified purchase journey, One that makes it easy to buy and that platform where the customer is most active and engaged.

Purchases Simplified!!

Create and Share Payment Links at the comfort of your screens and give your users the credibility to pay you with their desired platform.

Convenient Payments!!!

With Financial Power, enable your Social Media business to experience the most secure & convenient payments solution.

Instant Settlements!!!

With the latest technology, you have an option to choose between the Same day settlement (3-4 hours money transfer) or real-time/instant settlement (within 60 seconds).

Real-Time Currency Conversions.

Get Real-time conversion on 75+ different currencies from over 175 countries within minutes, 365 days a year.

Secure Transactions

Get 100℅ Payment Security and Rapid transactions with the help of Payment Solutions by Financial Power.

Regulate Your Business Hassle-Free

Enter your Sales Data and get all of your Accounting done, error-free, within a small duration.

Maintaining Cash Flows Were Never so Effortless.

With the help of Auto Accounting and 17 more integrated tools with Financial Power, you can collect payment from your clients and maintain positive cash flows, while we manage your Accounting, Invoices, Billing and many more.

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