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Looking forward to classifying the goods and services you sell? Well, there are no other options like HSN and SAC codes. Goods are classified under HSN Code and services are classified under SAC Code. To minimize errors while filing GST returns, it’s important to know the right HSN code for your product. Use FinancialPower's HSN Calculator to find out the HSN code for your product. Our GST Software has all the HSN codes inbuilt. You need to select the items you sell only once and the rest is automated. Once you are done, your HSN code will be automatically populated in all your invoices and returns. Simplify your Process with FinancialPower's integrated Software now!!! With FinancialPower's integrated software we provide you HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) and SAC (Services Accounting Code) that lets you associate HSN/SAC codes with your goods and services and thereby record the GSTINs for connections at the time of generation.

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