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Being one of those Female Entrepreneurs who have to tackle those tremendous challenges in the Business, Take care of all the Finances, Looking after family, is such a colossal task, isn't it? That's why we worked our hearts out to help you a fraction. With Financial Power Payment Solution, you can get all of your finances done at one halt. Generating Invoices, Payment and Payout links, Auto Accounting and Filing GST returns is now easier than ever. One of the biggest crunches that entrepreneurs like you face is TIME. With Financial Power, you can get instant payouts directly into your bank account, through all the payment methods, 24*7 just at your fingertips. With the latest technology, you have an option to choose between the Same day settlement (3-4 hours money transfer) or real-time/instant settlement (within 60 seconds). Your time is valuable and so is your trust. Sign up now and avail yourself of the best of tools to manage your Business, Taxation, Finance and GST through Finance Pay's Neobank+ now!!!

Fast Payments and Payouts.

Accept Payments and Send Payouts directly to your clients and vendors with the help of Payment and Payout links, instantly.

Instant Settlements on International Invoices

Quick activation and Instant Settlements on International Invoices... directly to your Indian bank accounts, within just a click.– Get all of it today!

Payment Solution

Excellent Payment Solution with an integrated network of tools to take your business from scratch to where you desire it to be.

Prepaid Card

Track your expenses and keep a count on your spending with the help of a Prepaid Card by Financial Power. This “Three In One” card that works as a Debit Card, Credit Card and ATM card provides you with a reward with every transaction that takes place. That's Rewarding!!!!!!!

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