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" Debit Card "

You can now create invoices, share them with your clients and get the amount directly credited into your Debit Card within clicks. Backed by popular Debit Cards like RuPay, Visa, MasterCard you can have your complete faith in us. With no setup or maintenance fees and one of the lowest transaction charges in the industry, you can trust us like no other person. We, at Financial power, focus on adding value to your business through our small initiative so that we can simplify the world of Finance and Technology for you.

" Credit Card "

Financial Power Helps You to Manage Cash Flows more Smartly and Effectively.

Do you face monthly Cash flow issues and don't have adequate cash in hand to pay your bills? We've got your back. Now, you can reimburse salaries to your employees, Vendor and Bill Payments, Invoicing and Online Collections, Rent, Utility Payments and many more directly through your Credit Card on our platform and get a pay cycle of more than 7 weeks, interest-free. Let's dig deeper into this: Let's suppose you have a credit card and have your monthly billing cycle on the 20th of every month, assume you purchase an item on the 21st of the same month, as a result, your monthly billing cycle is on the 20th of the next month and banks offer an interest-free period of 15 days to make the payment of your outstanding credit. Thus, you have, in total, 45 days to make the payment without any interest. This gives you enough breathing room to get your cash flow in order and keeps your business alliances intact.

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